Sightseeing and other Points of Interest in the town of Roth and vicinity


Castle Ratibor in Roth, photo by Stadt RothRomantical Castle Courtyard, Ceremonial and Dining Halls, Fireplace Entertaining Room, Art and Gallery room, the State Hall (created around 1895) is decorated with leaf gold, ceiling covered paintings, (Scenes from Greek Mythology by Munich painter Ferdinand Wagner), Wall paintings (Scenes from Homers Odysseyby Munich painter Professor Rudolf von Seitz) this and more can all be found in the Castle Ratibor in Roth.

Castle Tours:

The 1st Saturday of every month at 2 pm, Meeting Place is the Castle Courtyard in Castle Ratibor. Along with the History of the Castle visitors are given an inside look of previous residents of the Castle. The tour cost 3,- € (incl. Entrance Fees). Reservations are not needed.

Additionally Private Tours or Tourist Group Tours can be obtained with or without City Tours with Reservations can be obtained through the  Tourist-Information Office in Roth.


Museum in Castle Ratibor in Roth, photo by Stadt RothLocated in the former Hunting Castle in Roth is located the museum which covers the living and receptions rooms of the castle which date back to the turn of the century.

In addition to the testimony about the culture and history of the city and county of Roth, there are collections of Central Franconia Hafner ceramics, paintings, furniture, costumes, documents and various other works by Rother artists out of the 19th Century


Early Spring to end of October: Tuesday through Sunday between 1 pm and 5 pm

Tours can be arranged with reservations through Ms. Lobenwein (Tel. 09171 2846).

Entrance Fees:

Adults 1,50 €
Children 0,50 €
Groups of 10 or more. 0,75 €


The first Museum of the Leone Industry

Factory Museum in Roth, photo by Tourist Office RothThe History of the Leone Industry that happened in Roth can be followed in the Factory Museum. In the original rooms of the factory, machines and workers demonstrate and show how refined copper wires are transformed to shiny platelets, braids, tapes, webs, and Christmas tree decorations. This is takes you back in time to how the worlds of goods were produced in the 1920s.

Through the use of the ancient machines visitors are taken back to the ancestors of the region time showing work done on machines that have been changed over the course of time but originated with these early machines and artifacts.

Shopping etc.

Kultur Fabrik in Roth, home of the Rother Blues FestivalWithin a short walk you can reach two Shopping malls, the Cultural Factory (known for the "Rother Blues Tage", the towns' central market as well as numerous Restaurants, Cafés and Bars, as well as the Castle Ratibor the Museum within and the local train station which brings you into Nuremberg with the S-Bahn.Rothmuel Passagen, one of two shopping malls located in Roth.


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